How To Add Your Custom Domain

Created on 8 February, 2024Help

Setting up custom domains allows you to track custom links using the Event system. This allows you to brand trackable links. Great for analyzing marketing efforts.

  • Make sure you have an account, you are logged in and that your plan is active.
  • Go to the Custom Domains page.
  • Click the Connect Custom Domain button and a form will appear.
  • Fill in the Domain or subdomain field with the custom domain, subdomain or domain you want to use. Ex: or
  • Fill in the Custom index URL field to redirect to a specific url when visitors land on the index of the domain.
  • Fill in the Custom 404 not found URL Redirect to a specific url when visitors land on a not found page of the domain.
  • Make sure that your domain or subdomain has an A record pointing to or CNAME record pointing to
  • Contact us and let us know you are adding a Custom Domain. We need to add the domain to our server hosting panel. We will get this completed within hours, excluding weekends and holidays.